The brand that brought us ‘the shoe that breathes’ becomes the official supplier of

 FISI – the Italian Winter Sports Federation 

GEOX – a market leader in footwear at the forefront of the development of patents and technologies – announces its important partnership deal with FISI, the Italian Winter Sports Federation. The agreement involves supplying shoes from the brand’s Amphibiox range to the 400 athletes and all of the staff of the Federation, including doctors, coaches and technical team.

In line with the brand’s philosophy of research and experimentation, evidenced in the collection borne of tests carried out on Formula One tracks, the brand now enters the world of winter sports, providing some 1000 pairs of Amphibiox shoes to professional athletes from 14 different disciplines, who will wear them during downtime off the tracks and slopes.

AMPHIBIOX epitomises the excellence of GEOX’s patented rain-proof, wind-proof and moisture-proof technology. The special breathable and waterproof membrane protects the sole and upper, preventing water from penetrating the shoe while at the same guaranteeing GEOX shoes’ incredible breathability.

The system represents the essence of the company’s latest research into breathable, thermoregulatory and waterproof technologies, responding to all and any comfort requirements as well as expanding into a casual footwear range.

FISI athletes will wear a selection of casual designs, combining style and technology in footwear perfect for any occasion and time of day, from leather or suede boots in a range of colours to sneakers in both sporty and urban high-top versions in leather and technical fabrics.

The partnership with FISI offers GEOX a new opportunity to test its footwear at high altitudes and in extreme conditions – with the subsequent results feeding back into models for end customers – while guaranteeing the highest standards of performance, durability and reliability to the athletes and technical staff of FISI.


“This collaboration is another stamp of quality for the brand, which has always combined style and technology in a modern product highly regarded the world over,” says President and Founder of Geox, Mario Moretti Polegato. “For the first time the innovative Amphibiox technology will be worn by the 400 athletes of FISI, who, during the season, will test the total waterproof and thermoregulation properties of our shoes at high altitudes.”

“It is an honour that one of Italy’s finest brands, such as Geox, has chosen FISI as a partner,” said FISI President, Flavio Roda. “It shows that the world of snow and winter sports is an excellent showcase for products and that our athletes hold great public appeal. We will do our utmost to show off all the brands that support us in our competitive pursuits as best we can by striving for top results.”



GEOX is an Italian men’s, women’s and children’s footwear brand renowned worldwide for ‘the sole that breathes’. Based in Italy, Geox products are distributed worldwide through over 1,000 single-brand stores and 10,000 multi-brand outlets. Listed on the stock exchange since 2004, the Geox brand is characterised by the innovative and exclusive technology used in the design and manufacture of its range of footwear styles.



FISI (Federazione Italiana Sport Invernali – Italian Winter Sports Federation) represents 15 competitive disciplines, including 10 Olympic events. FISI achievements include 101 Olympic medals, over 300 world medals and a multitude of international successes.