Even though they feature unique ‘breathing holes’, the soles of all Geox shoes are also fully waterproof thanks to a special microporous membrane incorporated into the sole. Now Geox has developed Amphibiox, an exclusive technology where a number of innovative technologies including proprietary owned patents are combined to bring additional durable waterproof performance to the shoe upper. Amphibiox stands out in employing Geox’s pioneering breathable sole to offer a product with unparalleled all round breathability.


This new generation of waterproof technology not only keeps your feet dry, protecting you against rain, mud and snow, it also increases breathability to aid your bodies natural thermoregulation, so you stay warm in cold conditions, and cool when it gets warm. Amphibiox offers optimum comfort, lightness, speed of drying and durability. Making Amphibiox the perfect footwear choice, not just for when it rains, but for any condition.



The technology is offered on a complete range of products for the whole family, covering a wide range of styles and solutions for formal, casual and active occasions of use. Each Amphibiox product is specifically designed to offer the ideal waterproof solution according to the degree of water immersion required and desired level of heat insulation. A special grading system helps you to find the right waterproof shoe to meet your needs.

To have a glimpse of the testing behind the shoes have a look
at http://amphibiox.geox.com/amphibiox2014/en_gb/the-test/